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President’s Message:
To My Fellow Letter Carriers,
            The purpose and intent of this website will be to provide you and your families another resource for the dissemination of information.  It will attempt to keep you informed of your benefits, rights and any future changes that may affect them.
            Currently, the website is being updated and I encourage you to periodically “log on” to see the changes that are occurring.  Hopefully, new information and dates of events will be updated no later than every 30 days.
            Change is constant, expect more changes in the future.

Yours For the Union,

Walter Barton


July 2014 Update:

The Monthly Membership Meeting have been cancelled for July and August, as per a motion unanimously passed during the June meeting. The motion allows for Branch President Walter Barton to call for an emergency meeting if needed.

The NALC National Convention was held from July 21st to 25th in Philadelphia, PA. Branch 6000 sent a body of elected delegates and presented a number of resolutions for consideration by the entire national delegation. The Convention also provided training seminars to all delegates vital to continued excellence in representation of our members. Check back for a convention summary report to be added to the website soon.

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